Magazine Interview

Magazine Interview

Bowie at the Paris Fashion Week 2020

Paris holds a grand fashion week in February and September every year. While it's always easy to be part of the fashion industry from a distance, through magazines and social platforms, the Paris Fashion Week is the real deal. It's where fashion lovers get to meet star designers, be the first to order the season's latest clothing, and meet people with similar interests.


Bowie's stint at the most fabulous event in Paris

Meet Bowie. Fashionista, entrepreneur, and a proud attendee of the Paris Fashion Week.

Creator and owner of the fabulous line of Aurumara jewelry, Bowie was able to achieve her dream of attending the Paris Fashion Week in 2020. She is one of our key interviewees in our current issue of Bubble Bodi September 2021.

 A huge fan of Christian Dior since her teen years, Bowie says she had "fallen in love with Christian Dior since the past 10 years." Asked why, and Bowie mentioned the brand's classiness and elegance to be the reason. "I think their styles are so timeless and sustainable which I find resonance with my brand. Lady Dior is an good example! I also like black gauze skirts. The tees are feminine too. It's a perfect match."

 In her interview with us, Bowie confirmed her attendance at the February 2020 fashion week in Paris. "I have a close relationship with the [Dior] store manager. I was invited to attend the Paris Fashion Week in February last year".


Meeting the creators of her dream brand

 Attending the biggest fashion event of the year had always been Bowie's biggest dream. She told us what an unforgettable experience it had been and how many happy memories she had brought back home.

 In particular, Bowie gushed about Dior's new line that will be out in stores soon. "This year's Christian Dior's Autumn series focuses on my favorite earthy colors. I think these earth colors are so elegant. They make people feel more mature and wiser. You can't go wrong with this palette! The earth colors will never be out of date. Plus, they're very environmentally friendly!"

 Apart from the show, one of the most amazing experiences Bowie says she had, was meeting other people who loved Dior as much as she did. When we asked her how the backstage experience at the Christian Dior show was during fashion week, Bowie had this to say, "Although the show was only for 30 minutes, there was time to socialize afterward. You can talk to bloggers who are also fans of Christian Dior and exchange ideas. It was so overwhelming. I believe every fan will feel that way."


Attending future Fashion weeks and advice for other fashion influencers

Bowie had certainly thought about participating in the fashion week earlier. But she says she never had the opportunity to do so before since it was held just twice a year and the process of selection was stringent.

 In order to receive an invitation to the fashion show, Bowie says, you need to have a certain amount of consumer records every year. There must be proof that you are a long-term customer of the brand. Plus, you need to have a good relationship with a store manager who can recommend your name to their head office. Finally, the brand will also review your education level and social platforms to decide if you can help them get significant coverage online.

 Bowie says she never expected an opportunity to suddenly appear like this. "I'm so happy. I felt incredible when I first received the invitation. Also, the COVID-19 [pandemic] was so serious at the time. Only a few Chinese people were invited to attend! At first, I was so excited. The next thing I know, I was already at the store picking the outfits I was going to wear to the show."

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