How to Style Layers of Gold Jewelry Piece from Summer to Fall

Layers of gold Jewelry Piece from Summer to Fall

There are no set rules to style, as most of you might already know. Nothing proves this point better than the comeback of wearing multiple necklaces and pieces of jewelry at once. Nobody should shy away from layering necklaces and rather take inspiration from fashion icons who have sported these and looked stunning. From playing with many length options to adding a pop of color, layering makes it all possible.

It is especially true in the case of gold necklaces. Gold is classic and is not going away anytime soon. Let's find out different ways you can layer your gold jewelry throughout the year.

Summers are all about light and breezy aesthetics...

If you think layered necklaces don't go with this style, you might just be wrong. The first thing to remember is that you do not want chunky layers in the summer months. Achieving this look becomes very easy with some sleek and slender gold necklaces. Think of fine golden chains layered loosely, oozing a fresh and airy vibe.

You can also go for multiple gold chains and focus on one standout piece. The rest will serve as foils to highlight your main piece. Consider incorporating a diamond piece to a bunch of thin gold chains, for example. This aesthetic will go very well with more formal and chic attires.

For a more fun look, go for pendants with a wide range of shapes and designs. You also have the option of adding a splash of color in the form of a gemstone.


Gold Jewelry

When it comes to fashion, fall is your best friend

Fall is a quiet time for nature but the best opportunity for us humans to dress up. Like the rest of your outfit, your jewelry should match the aesthetic you are desiring. The colder weather gives you an opportunity to sport heavier looks. Heavy gold jewelry complements a gorgeous outfit like nothing else, all the more when they are layered. When it comes to bold shapes and designs, fall is the time to put on your more serious pieces. Necklaces that are too grand to with a summer outfit will look amazing in your fall outfit. Gold jewelry especially complements a cozy look with sweaters, boots, and coats.

The best about fall is that while you can go for heavy, you can also rock lightweight gold chains and jewelry. Lightweight jewelry, when paired correctly with your outfit, will give you an amazing sophisticated look.


How to layer gold jewelry correctly

Remember to play with different lengths. Layering gives the opportunity to mix and match shorter and longer gold chains.

Always focus on your top and bottom necklaces, even if you want a casual look. Your top necklaces have the potential to highlight features of your face.

Mix and match gold pieces with other materials. White pearl, for example, will go great with chunky gold pieces. Gold and diamond pairing is another great choice. You can also go for gemstones like ruby and sapphire.

Experiment with different styles. Play with minimalist styles and also with heavy and chunky pieces. Layering gives you an opportunity to experiment with a lot of styles using different necklaces and jewelry. Make the most of this chance.


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