Bespoke Jewelry Service

 A vast majority of fine jewelry items are mass-produced these days. However, you can choose to swim against the tide and go for exclusive hand-crafted bespoke jewelry items that are made just for you at Aurumara. Our jewelry experts have a deep understanding of the characteristics of silver, gold, platinum, and gemstones. From the positioning of pearls to dealing with sensitive gemstones, we ensure that your bespoke jewelry is of the finest quality.

Whether it is an engagement ring, necklace, pendant, or any other jewelry item, you can choose to get it custom designed from us.


Step 1: Jewelry design Consultation

The process of creating fine bespoke jewelry starts with a consultation. You can book a consultation with us at or whatsapp us at +85263644656 during which you will be able to decide on the design, and budget etc. for the bespoke jewelry.


Step 2: Design Sketching

From the details provided during the consultation, sketches will be created to develop the overall direction of the design. You can firstly decide on the embellishments you want, whether colored gemstones or diamonds. Then
the choice of metal for the jewelry, whether silver, gold, platinum or any other. A final design will be delivered with quotation.


Step 3: Payment for confirmation

For confirmation of your order, you would need to pay a 50% deposit fee so that we can begin crafting your bespoke jewelry. Once the payment has been made the order cannot be canceled. After the order has been completed, you can pay the remaining 50% to collect your order.


Step 4: Final Polishing and Stone Setting

After the casting is done, fine detailing work goes into the jewelry through the use of gemstones and metals. The jewelry is sanded, polished, and cleaned up after which the gemstones are set. It is perfected to the minutest details.

Stone Setting & Polish 

Timeframe of Completion

The timeframe for crafting most jewelry pieces is around 3 to 5 weeks. It is thus important to plan your custom-made jewelry well in advance to avoid delays for important events.

We make sure that your jewelry goes through quality control checks so that you get the finest craftsmanship in your custom-made jewelry. Through the winning combination of the highest quality raw materials, experienced workers, and meticulous quality control, you will receive bespoke jewelry that will last you for a lifetime.



Bespoke Jewelry

Bespoke Jewelry