Sustainable Jewelry

A lot of thought goes into choosing the right piece of jewelry as it can change the look of your entire outfit. One thing you should take into account when choosing jewelry is whether the piece is sustainable or not. This involves questioning the manufacturing process, the sourcing of materials, and the environment it was made in, among other things. When you are buying jewelry, it is important to observe whether it aligns with your values and environmental sensibilities.

If you are looking for fine bespoke jewelry that is also ethically sourced and sustainably made, then this is a place for you. Our jewelry items are is registered with the Responsible Jewellery Council (RCJ). All our fine jewelry items are crafted with recycled gold and silver.


Why choose our Sustainable Jewelry?

Our values regarding sustainability are deeply rooted and make the foundation of our jewelry brand and our services as well. We are an environmentally conscious jewelry brand and sustainability guides all our actions. All of our jewelry items are not just sustainably sourced, but also responsibly made. Following are some of the reasons which set us apart from other jewelry brands.


Recycled Silver and Gold

All of the jewelry items are made by ensuring that no piece of metal scrap is wasted in the production facility. We use the best practices in the manufacturing process to ensure that the jewelry is made from 18 karats recycled gold and 100% recycled silver. This is done by recycling the scraps of metal that are produced in the treeing process. These scraps are then refashioned into exquisite pieces of fine jewelry.


SMETA Qualified Jewelry

The main aspect which sets us apart from other jewelry brands is the fact that our jewelry is SMETA qualified. SMETA, which stands for Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, is a widely used best practice social audit that scrutinizes all the aspects of responsible business practice. SMETA makes an assessment of a business on the basis of four key pillars of environmental management, labor standards, health and safety, and business ethics. Through an in-depth examination of a business on the basis of these pillars, SMETA assesses whether a business is meeting social compliance standards and adopting the best practices of a responsible business.

With SMETA qualification, you can be assured that our jewelry items are made through transparent sourcing of raw materials. Besides this, fair wages and a safe working environment are also ensured for all the workers involved in the making of our fine jewelry. In addition to this, no child labor is used.


Biodegradable Packaging

Packaging is often found to be an important part of any jewelry brand, and we make sure that our packaging also follows the ethics of sustainability. All of our jewelry is packaged with Biodegradable d2w Technology and recycled boxes. Through this technology, the natural process of oxidation is accelerated when the packaging is disposed of. This ensures that no microplastics and toxic residues are left in the environment.


Sustainable Production

Sustainability needs to be practiced every step of the way if we want to ensure the well-being of our planet. The waste management in the production process of any business has a significant impact on the environment. Jewelry production is often accompanied by runoff in the form of wastewater and environmentally hazardous fumes. Our jewelry items are made by ensuring that the impact on the environment is minimal. They are made in a production facility that is fitted with a sewage treatment plant and a fume extraction system. Through this, we ensure that sustainability is practiced in the production process as well.


Importance Of Sustainability In Our Business

If sustainability and ethical practices is what you are looking for in your jewelry, then this is the right place for you. We ensure that sustainability is a big part of our core values. We try to use ethical practices and sustainably sourced materials in the production of exquisite jewelry items that will be coveted by you for a lifetime.