Our Story


Aurumara Jewelry DesignerHaving lived in Europe for part of her life, Bowie was inspired by the style of European women who proudly state who they are through the jewelry they wear.

Classy but confident, elegant yet chic, modern and timeless, Bowie came to find these contradictions to be the perfect vessel of the modern woman whose professional lives deserve to be marked by the personal statement of who we want to be. 

……And it was out of this belief that Aurumara was born.

Aurumara is a painstakingly handcrafted collection of jewelry designed to express your individual personality to proudly wear wherever you may be, from the cool corporate office to the heat of the dance floor. It reminds its wearer that life is an art and there is so much to appreciate as you carry one piece of beauty with you.

Fusing the past with the present, Aurumara is inspired by the cultures that paved the way towards civilization today to create timeless classics that last for the ages. With gemstones inside that are said to hold the power of healing, Aurumara soothes the mind and soul while radiating who you are.

Express your personality with Aurumara.


Our Philosophy

In today’s time-sensitive world, people’s time is divided by the demands of the professional environment and the creative freedom of the personal with the former taking precedence.

Our mission is to accentuate the qualities that make you the person you are, with handcrafted jewelry that complements its most important part – the wearer.


Founder’s Message:

“I formed Aurumara out of the belief that no woman should compromise their confidence or their comfort, and that what makes you unique can be carried with you proudly at any time whether you are holding a board meeting or enjoying a glamorous night out with friends.

Jewelry Designer

I wanted to design jewelry that is limitless, glamorous, and sustainable with our timeless items made out of recycled gold, with a passion to give back to the world as 10% of profits are donated to The Ocean Cleanup.

Every piece of handcrafted jewelry was shaped to bring out your essence. Replete with gemstones that feature healing traits, Aurumara delivers excellence in quality, style, and class. 

I hope Aurumara inspires you to live the life you want, and brings radiance to the world by helping you shine.”