How To Wear Moonstone Ring and Origins of Moonstone Ring

How To Wear Moonstone Ring and Origins of Moonstone Ring

Moonstone is perhaps the most mysterious precious stone in the world and is said to be as old as the moon. The name of this pearly stone comes from the phantasmagoria that plays in the night sky when clouds pass over the moon.

Moonstone bears a startling resemblance to the moon as it appears on cloudy nights. The ancient Romans believed that these stones are, in fact, the moon's rays in a solid form. Looking at its iridescence, you can't blame the ancient people for thinking so.

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Origins of Moonstone

Geologically, Moonstone belongs to the family of feldspars minerals. The biggest reserve of Moonstone is in Switzerland. A town now known as St. Gotthard has the biggest mining site of Moonstone in the world, and it was also the first of its kind. 

Over the subsequent years, people discovered Moonstone in many mining sites. Lake Sevan in Armenia has one of the biggest Moonstone reserves in the world. Now we have Moonstone reserves in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, the USA, Mexico, Austria, Norway, and India. 

The global availability of Moonstone ring is still very limited. We do not know how much of this precious stone we still have under the earth. People want to own Moonstone because it has strong healing properties. Let's talk about Moonstone's healing properties in some detail.

Healing properties of Moonstone

Moonstone has a distinctly feminine energy that protects the wearer. As the moon gives us light and stays above our head like a protective force, Moonstone stays with us as a soft, nourishing spirit. It aligns with the Third Eye Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra. Moonstone is among the most powerful stones in the world and has tonnes of benefits. 

When it comes to our health, Moonstone works to cleanse toxins out of our bodies. It purges all negative elements and fills your body with goodness. It helps in digesting nutrients and promoting regenerative growth.

From our nails to our hair, everything benefits from Moonstone's energy. It also helps in reproductive health for both men and women. It aids mothers during pregnancy and post-childbirth recovery. Very few stones have as many healing properties as Moonstone. 

If you want to own and wear a Moonstone ring, it can quickly become your favorite accessory. Let's have a look at how you can style Moonstone to look your best.

How to wear Moonstone ring

Most people who own Moonstone ring for its healing properties choose to have it as a ring. Contrary to what the name suggests, Moonstone ring can be of many colors. Moonstone can even be colorless. The most common colors are blue, white, grey, and pink. Peach and brown Moonstones are also available. 

While people prefer Moonstone in rings, you can also go for earrings or pendants. They look beautiful as they are without any embellishments.

When wearing Moonstone ring, keep it chic and minimal. You do not want other stones or jewelry to overshadow the majestic luminescence of the Moonstone. 

Coordinating your outfit with the color of Moonstone ring will make your overall appearance stand out. The aura of the Moonstone can be felt around whoever wears it.

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