These Are the Best Necklace Types for Your Face Shape

These Are the Best Necklace Types for Your Face Shape

Different necklace types match best with different face shapes. So, you will have to consider the shape of your face the next time you are in a jewellery shop to buy a neckpiece. It can be a really tricky business. To make the process easier, check out some necklace types for different face shapes below.


#1 Collar necklace for angular faces


Akin to the collar of a shirt, a collar necklace looks stunning on people who have rectangular, oval, and square-shaped faces. This type of necklace encircles your neck and rests above the collar bone. It complements more angular faces rather than round-shaped faces. The length of these neckpieces can be between 12 to 16 inches and they can be made of a variety of materials. Plastic, beads, precious metal, velvet, and latex are just a few to name. Collar necklaces with a teardrop pendant can truly up your styling game if you have an angular face shape.


#2 Opera necklace for round faces


Round faces are curved and soft, becoming wide across the cheekbones and narrow towards the jawline and forehead. Chunky and short collar necklaces and chokers do not complement round faces well because they create a wide-faced look. Your best bet would be to go for an Opera necklace or long pendants that drop far below your collarbone. A nice “V” across the decolletage would look simply elegant. But can also consider drop-down pendants of rectangular and square shapes because they can create the right contrast. Some noted celebrities that have round faces are Oprah Winfrey, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Charlotte Church. You can certainly turn to them for some inspiration.


#3 Matinee necklace for heart-shaped faces


Heart-shaped faces strike the eye with a distinct chin and wide forehead, something akin to an inverted triangle. Opera necklaces don’t really go well with heart-shaped faces because the “V” along the decolletage would bring unwanted attention to your pointed chin. Matinee necklaces, which are longer than collar necklaces and shorter than Opera necklaces, would be a great match for heart-shaped faces. Layered and horizontal motifs are also an amazing choice of necklaces for heart-shaped faces. For pendants, you should choose something that has an adjustable chain so that you can wear it at a shorter length close to your neck.


#4 Graduated necklace for diamond-shaped faces


Diamond-shaped faces are considered the rarest and are known for their wide cheekbones, narrow chin, and narrow forehead. It’s the most desirable of all face shapes owing to its femininity and elegance. To complement the symmetry of diamond-shaped faces, a graduated necklace is a great choice. These necklaces are generally made of pearls or beats. The clasp area at the back of these necklaces has the smallest size, while the centre has the largest size. In addition to pearls and beads, these necklaces also come with a row of elegant pendants.


These are some points about facial shapes and necklace types to keep in mind while buying a neckpiece. A necklace that suits your face shape will surely complement your personality and bring out your inner beauty.