Starlight Earrings

18k gold plated on silver 

Micropaved white natural zircon stones 

  • Weight: 3 gm
  • Size: 28.3 mm*10.9 mm

Let your bright and vivacious personality shine through for everyone to see, with the help of our unbelievably beautiful starlight earrings. Their unique shape and generously gold plated body are the embodiment of luxury. Powerful women like you and your loved ones don’t deserve any less. This pair of Starlight earrings contain authentic micro-paved white natural zircon stones, which twinkle like the stars on a clear sky.

Many people believe that the unknown is scary and intimidating. However, this November, Aurumara wants to show you that the unknown can be beautiful and full of endless possibilities for love, happiness and self-discovery.

Aurumara's Starlight Earrings are perfect for those who feel lost in their own life or need a reminder that they are not alone in their journey through life.

To sprinkle the elegance of our jewelry, we have used ethically sourced, 18K recycled gold for our products.
All our products are handcrafted with eco-packaging.