The Sunkissed Ring

18k gold plated on silver 

Micropaved white natural zircon stones 

  • Weight: 4 gm
  • Size: 9mm

Treat your soul and eyes to our exquisite logo collection featuring our signature lotus.

The lotus signifies purity and rebirth, while the shape of this flower resembles the contour of an elegant woman. Our dazzling logo gold jewellery collection is perfect for summers and will shine through fall. The classy, chic, and contemporary styling of our logo collection ensures the gold jewellery is the ideal accessory for your dark party wear clothes, functional work suit, and just about any attire. Designed to blend into your modern wardrobe, our elegant logo collection fits into your minimalist lifestyle.

This Sunkissed Ring contain authentic micro-paved white natural zircon stones, which twinkle like the stars on a clear sky. 

 To sprinkle the elegance of our jewelry, we have used ethically sourced, 18K recycled gold for our products.

All our products are handcrafted with eco-packaging.