Moonstone Ring

18k gold plated on silver

Moonstone 10*16 mm

  • Weight: 5.3 gm
  • Size: Small or Medium

The heart of the collection is our coveted ring, the Oceanmaster Moonstone ring, a vintage-inspired piece designed to accentuate its wearers traits. A bezel-setting technique has been used to meticulously tailor each piece into the finest possible shape.

You love luxury. You love the look of high-end jewelry. But, you can't afford it! Don't worry; we have your back. Aurumara is here to help with our stunning Moonstone Ring that will give you the same luxurious look for a fraction of the price.

Moonstone Rings are made of sparkling white stone that symbolizes hope, truth and purity. Shop these stunning rings on Aurumara for a fraction of the price of luxury brands.

The ring is also available in 18k Solid Gold if you wish to really indulge.

The moonstone is an iconic gemstone. It has a cool, serene energy that's all its own. The authentic Aurumara's Moonstone Ring is left natural and untreated for that organic, down-to-earth look and feel. Our design team will work with you to create the perfect ring for your unique style needs! The moonstone is an iconic gemstone. It has a cool, serene energy that's all its own.

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Aurumara's Moonstone Ring is a natural, untreated ring that's perfect for you. It has an energy all its own, and it will reflect your personality in ways you never imagined. The Moonstone ring offers healing powers to bring back balance to your life. Whether you are looking for something with high energy or low energy, Aurumara's moonstone rings are the right choice for you!

Moonstone ring are not just beautiful pieces of jewelry. They are the perfect gift for any woman who is looking to feel loved and appreciated by someone special in her life. This stone has many secrets hidden inside, but it is truly a woman’s stone with unique healing powers. It is said that wearing Moonstone ring can bring emotional balance, creativity, intuition and feelings of joy into your life.

To sprinkle the elegance of our jewelry, we have used ethically sourced, 18K recycled gold for our products.

All our products are handcrafted with eco-packaging.